Pairing Microsoft SSAS and Microstrategy Report Suite

MicroStrategy Reporting Suite provides organizations with easy-to-use reporting and analysis tools that allow business users to interface with Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services cubes, enabling everything from basic and advanced analysis to ad hoc reporting and data visualization. MicroStrategy Reporting Suite is ideal for departments in any size organization that need a proven BI solution for SSAS.

· Build reports and performance scorecards against Microsoft SSAS

· Report, analyze, and monitor SSAS data via intuitive Web-based interface

· Visualize data using impactful graphs and performance scorecards .d Answer business questions via quick and efficient access to any size SSAS cube

· Create rankings and time-based comparisons

· Perform a complete range of business calculations and build advanced analytics against SSAS data

· Schedule reports to run to a personalized history list

· Full range of interactivity from sorting, filtering, and drilling to formatting, thresholding, and graphing

· Export to Microsoft Excel and PDF

· Drill seamlessly to detailed data in SQL Server relational database when data in SSAS cube lacks sufficient detail

· Ad hoc query and parameterized, self-service reporting of relational and cube data

· Support multiple concurrent requests from both Web and Windows users to report against SSAS data

· Examine SSAS cube dimensions, hierarchies, attributes, measures, members, calculated members, and other components

· Import SSAS cube structures automatically into the MicroStrategy metadata repository

· Run MDX queries against SSAS cubes without writing any code or scripts

· Map individual users’ security credentials to SSAS roles from within MicroStrategy

· Integrate into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and other portals

· Easy and fast deployment of thin-client Web interface; simultaneous availability of reports from Desktop and Web interfaces

· Maintain a single centralized metadata for both SQL Server relational data and SSAS multidimensional data sources

· Improved system performance and faster queries by minimizing client-side processing and data traffic via multi-layer caching

· Free mobile BI licenses, dashboards can be delivered through iPad, Iphone or BlackBerry

Reference : Microstrategy Report Suite Documentation, Microstrategy dot com


Microstrategy Report Suite

MicroStrategy’s award-winning Business Intelligence software is now available in a convenient reporting suite, designed for departments to start building and using reports quickly and easily… and at no charge.MicroStrategy Reporting Suite allows to quickly develop and deliver a state-of-the-art reporting application. As part of the MicroStrategy 9 architecture, MicroStrategy Reporting Suite solves your current reporting needs and builds a foundation for the evolving needs of your department and organization. MicroStrategy Reporting Suite includes everything organizations need to develop, deploy, and leverage a departmental BI reporting application for up to 100 named users for free. This reporting package lets you present your data in wide variety of attractive and useful outputs, from operational reports with tabular grids to p professional graphs and data visualizations – all with a range of great interactivity and world-class analytics.

10 Features that makes it attractive for business

1. Easy to use

In a recent Gartner study, MicroStrategy was the top performer in the following key categories: Ease of Use for End Users, Ease of Use for Developers, Data Volume Support, Complex Interactive Reporting, and High Quality Portable Output.

2. Fast to install and deploy

In less than one day, you can install and develop your first reports.

3. Large development community, Microstrategy support

Hundreds of engineers are dedicated to developing and fine-tuning the MicroStrategy Reporting Suite. In addition, application developers in Fortune 500 companies provide us with feedback to improve the usefulness of our products. Recommendations from this community of developers at the forefront of data warehousing and reporting are highly valued at MicroStrategy. Also they provide online video guides, 200+ hours of online courseware, a Quick Start Guide, thousands of pages of documentation, a 24/7 online technical knowledge repository, and 60 days of email technical support…all at no charge.

4. Better than open source

Unlike some code in open source reporting products, MicroStrategy’s code is 100% safe and secure. We understand that many companies restrict the use of open source products to protect themselves from legal issues that can arise from misappropriated code. MicroStrategy supports the open source movement, ensuring that our products are optimized for open source operating systems (Linux), databases (mySQL and PostgreSQL), Web servers (Apache HTTP Server), and application servers (Apache Tomcat and JBoss). It’s important to note that open source BI products are not as mature as those from commercial vendors and they require more developer and administrator expertise, which increases the total cost of ownership.

5. Extensive network of experienced implementation partners

If you need additional expertise or resources, there’s an extensive worldwide network of resellers, consultants, and contractors who can help you develop MicroStrategy-based applications. Whether you’re looking for a global implementation partner like Accenture, HP, Infosys, or Capgemini, or a small specialty BI practice, rest assured that there are many resources for your application development needs.

6. Proven in thousands of real-world deployments

Thousands of companies already use the products in the MicroStrategy Reporting Suite for a wide variety of reporting and analytic applications. In fact, over 1,000,000 business people around the world use MicroStrategy Reporting Suite components to find the answers to their most pressing business questions.

7. Supports both departmental and enterprise BI applications

You don’t need separate products or technologies to support both small departmental and large enterprise BI. MicroStrategy can scale from the smallest reporting projects to the world’s most advanced enterprise BI applications. Best of all, by using MicroStrategy’s metadata migration tools, you can grow and merge your departmental islands of BI into a consolidated enterprise BI infrastructure.

8. Flexibility to add more named users and additional reporting capabilities

MicroStrategy Reporting Suite is feature rich with capabilities to access multiple BI applications, run reports, answer prompts, view data as grids or graphs, sort and drill into data, and export data into PDFs, Excel, or text files. Many projects won’t require more capabilities than what MicroStrategy Reporting Suite already provides. But when you’re ready for advanced dashboards, mobile phone support, or integration with Microsoft Office, MicroStrategy offers a comprehensive suite of products to support the expansion of your BI environment.

9. Increase the value of your BI with built-in advanced and predictive analytics

In addition to revealing what happened in your business, BI products should help you understand why and predict what will happen next. Much more than a simple reporting tool, MicroStrategy Reporting Suite includes OLAP capabilities that allow you to drill into and interactively ‘slice and dice’ data for greater insights, along with dozens of predictive functions to show you what is likely to happen next.

10. Solely focused on Business Intelligence

MicroStrategy Reporting Suite provides you with premium reporting capabilities at no cost. We are solely focused on Business Intelligence software, without any of the distractions that face the conglomerate vendors in the market.

SQL Server Compact edition

SQL Server Compact edition (Named as Everywhere edition during CTP 2005). With SQL Server Compact Edition, you can develop and deploy applications independent of SQL Server and of Visual Studio. For SQL Server Mobile edition , there was restrictions to use it independently. However, with SQL Server Compact Edition, this restriction has been removed.

Runtime : SQL Server Compact Edition contains the runtime bits that can be used to develop applications and to deploy applications on desktop computers and on Tablet PCs. SQL Server Compact Edition is a powerful yet lightweight relational database engine. SQL Server Compact Edition supports familiar SQL syntax. Additionally, SQL Server Compact Edition provides a development model and an API that are consistent with SQL Server.

Advantages/Features :

· Free to use and distribute

· Supports desktops and mobile devices

· Fully embeddable architecture

· No administration required

· Single file, code-free database format

· Support for ClickOnce, XCopy, MSI, CAB, and non-admin embedded installation options

· Supports all Microsoft Windows embedded, mobile, desktop, and server operating systems

· Supports a rich subset of Transact-SQL syntax and SQL Server data types

· Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 integration

· Supports ADO.NET, LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Entities, and the ADO.NET Entity Framework

· Supports multiple concurrent local connections

· Backup and restore SQL Server Compact databases with simple file copy operations

· Connect to your SQL Server Compact databases easily from both managed and unmanaged code by using the included ADO.NET Data Provider or the OLEDB Provider

· Rich subset of SQL Server data types and Transact-SQL including:

o JOINS and sub-queries

o Filters, grouping, aggregates, sorting


o BLOB/image data types

· Backup and restore SQL Server Compact databases with simple file copy operations

Security Features

After the necessary SQL Server Compact 3.5 systems are installed, you must configure the IIS security options before any data can be exchanged between clients and servers.

SQL Server Compact 3.5 can also use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) feature of IIS to encrypt data propagated between a device running SQL Server Compact 3.5 and a computer that is running SQL Server.