Study of living beings

Don’t know why i became more interested in Anthropology and related topics, I have been reading books and articles for more than a couple of years. Now I realize my interest is consistent on this topic about our own existence , origin and future. This branch of science is related to a different studies like humanities, social science, natural science, geography , biology etc. etc. It is mainly subdivided into 4 main areas physical anthropology, social anthropology , cultural anthropology and anthropological linguistics. Anthropology starts with the study of origin of homo sapience and its evolution.

Would like to put some notes going forward. I would not use the word anthropology anymore in the notes since it wont be exactly anthropology, it may be called as extended anthropology or we can call it as study of living beings and life.

We will go over with the complete life formation and evolution stages in known universe. And will analyse the possibility of future evolution of living beings.


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