Recomendations on Basic setting on SSIS package

1. Use DontSaveSensitive as Package protection Level

Suppresses the values of sensitive properties in the package when the package is saved. This protection level does not encrypt, but instead it prevents properties that are marked sensitive from being saved with the package and therefore makes the sensitive data unavailable to other users. If a different user opens the package, the sensitive information is replaced with blanks and the user must provide the sensitive information.

2. Set Delay Validation = True

This is a basic setting that can affect the flow of a package at execution time drastically. When setting DelayValidation, also take care in making sure the setting will not have adverse affects on the package. If another property in the task is critical and should be evaluated prior to the package execution, we can look to other methods to accomplish the same task. The DelayValidation property can be enabled at the package level, or at the level of the individual tasks and containers that the package includes. Normally you must leave this property set to True on the same package elements when you deploy the package, to prevent the same validation errors at run time.

3. ValidateExternalMetadat=False

This property specifies whether the component should perform validation against external data sources at design time, or whether it should postpone validation until run time. By default, the value of this property is True; that is, the external metadata is validated both at design time and at run time. You may want to set the value of this property to False when an external data source is not available at design time: for example, when the package downloads the source or creates the destination only at run time.

4. Destination – Fast Load

This is the recommendation for large volume data.

5. Also the max buffer size = 5000


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