MS PerformancePoint BI

Microsoft PerformancePoint Services has been merged with Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 for better BI or for better business decision making.PerformancePoint Services for SharePoint 2010 is the part of SharePoint that allows you to create rich, context-driven dashboards that aggregate data and content to provide a complete view of how your business is performing at all levels. In other words, it is the easiest way to create and publish business intelligence dashboards in SharePoint 2010. At the heart of PerformancePoint Services is the Dashboard Designer. The Dashboard Designer is a thick client that you can launch directly from the browser, and it allows you to create KPIs, scorecards, analytic charts and grids, reports, filters, and dashboards.

We can use Visio services, performance point services, excel services etc for BI Dashboards..

Outlineing performance point services – although every BI service has different tendency to work with.

Performance point services- this service has been bundled/merged in Microsoft sharepoint 2010 – and its dashboard tool to develop KPI, you can develop KPI from diversified data sources like SQL Server Analysis services, SQL Server and Excel services and Sharerpoint list.

If someone asks that what is "PerformancePoint Services in Sharepoint 2010"- so basically it enables organization to create aggregate information for analysis of organization’s data.

It is all about performance monitoring and analyzing business data so on time decision could be taken.

Performance point services now bundled with sharepoint 2010 so you can design fully customize dashboard, scored cards and KPI for your enterprise. Take a look at performance point designed dashboard in sharepoint 2010.

New Facts About PerformancePoint Sevices integration with sharepoint 2010:

  • Strong filter capabilities given using sharepoint 2010 BI- you also can use dynamic time filter to analyze data
  • You can use multiple performance point services web part on single page and its link.
  • Authoring tool “Dashboard designer” help users to build rich Dashboard UI.

PerformancePoint in Action Under Sharepoint 2010 Umbrella: (see picture with this)

In the picture below you can see Sharepoint 2010 and PerformancePoint Services and its “Quick launch” -allow you to navigate and click on item available.

BI Webpart which contains reports and scoredcards there -See the picture for detail.

Breadcrumb in Sharepoint BI DashBoard: you could see in the picture having some option there to go and navigate your current site. (See picture’s arrow for details)

This breadcrumb bar had some filter this time to filter data by geography and Year (see picture’s arrow for details).

Picture displaying PerformancePoint Services Bundled with Sharepoint 2010 and with Quick Launch on your left, BI Webpart and ScoreCards and Filter Nav and Excel services has been used to analyze this report.

You can fully customize your BI Dashboard using this technology.

Use PerformancePoint Services with sharepoint 2010 when you want to create dashboard, scorecards, and KPI to analyze your business performance.

Source :, MSDN


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