Microstrategy BI – Project creation

The basic tasks involved in creating a Microstrategy project are ,

1. Configuring the project meta data : We can create any number of project in a metadata. Meta data is a relational data base with a predefined structure of 23 empty tables, which is called as metadata shell. If we don’t have a metadata already , we may have to create one . the creation steps are , create a metadata database, configure a dsn for the connection, create a metadata shell. Metadata database has to be created in a supported database platform. The DSN can be created either through microstrategy connectivity wizard or ODBC administrator tool.

To create DSN using microstrategy connectivity tool, Programs->Microstrategy->Tools->Microstrategy connectivity tool

You can select “Other Relational Databases” for using access database.

To create a metadata shell , Programs- > Microstrategy -> Configuration Wizard

This configuration will ask to connect using the DSN created in the previous step. This will run necessary scripts in the database to create the table structures etc.

2. Configuring project connectivity : a) Creating a project source – A project source is an object that creates in Microstrategy desktop that will enable the project to connect with metadata. Either you can connect the metadata directly using a dsn, login and password which is a 2 tier architecture or a three tier using an iServer in between to validate and verify the database connection. You can use a Project Source Manager to create a project source from a desktop.

From the microstrategy desktop Tools-> Project Source manager -> Add new, use a Server or direct configuration. (I have used an access file and first time I ended up in an error while trying to connect without login name and password. Then I gave administration login. And it worked)

To create DB instance and DB connection

Login to project source, expand administration, select configuration managers

Select SQL Server login (source )

The project connection structure

3. Creating schema objects

Tables, Facts, attributes and relationship, User hierarchies

Project creation workflow



6 thoughts on “Microstrategy BI – Project creation

  1. Very Nice stuff and it helped me get a clue to solve the Connection error in 3 Tier Datasource Conectivity.


    When connecting a datasource to 3 Tier Architechture, if you get an error “The connection failed.posible causes are a) Server is not running, b) Server is loading project, c) Network problem, or d) Server reached maximum connection limit.”

    Do the Following:-

    *Go to connectivity configuration wizard.Next->
    *Select “Other Rational Database”.Next->
    *Select “Driver do Microsoft Access(*.mdb)”.Next->
    *Type “TUTORIAL_DATA_7200” (i.e the data source in C:\Program
    Files\MicroStrategy\Tutorial Reporting) Next->…(or your own
    datasource…in my case c:\DataSource\RajivPatnaik_DW which I
    made on my own)
    *You will get a message The Datasource
    named “TUTORIAL_DATA_7200” already exists.Replace it with this
    defination….If you are not geting this message ignore it.
    *Click Yes…..Datasource Name Created sucessfully.

    You will not get “The connection failed” error when you now connect to project source in a 3 Tier Architecture.


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