Microstrategy Tutorial – Creating Logical Data Model

What needs to be considered while creating logical data model ?

# User reporting requirements

# Source Data

# Technical considerations and Performance requirements

Steps to create logical data model

Firstly the source data needs to be evaluated. It is best practice to create a logical data model prior to the designing of the data warehouse. But certain situations it is normal to create the data warehouse without having a logical data model. But even at the stage prior to creating the microstrategy project, it has some benefit doing the logical model –

We will know exactly which schema objects we need and what is their respective relationship.

Help identify potential problems with the structure or content of the datawarehouse at time we can remedy them easily

1. List all the source data items which are required for reporting

2. Identify which items are facts

3. Identify attributes

4. Identify the attribute relationships

5. Organise directly related attributes into hierarchies


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